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Virtual Reality

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Statistics show, the overwhelming majority (95+%) of home searches begin online. That is a testament to just how far technology has come and how the internet is making it easier than ever for buyers to find the right property and, ultimately make the right decision. But there are some drawbacks, while looking at pictures online can give you a rough idea of a house, it can’t show you the floor plan or give you a feel for the homes flow. So the question for the team at Lifestyle Properties became, how do we bring the online experience closer to actually walking through the home. How do we capitalize on the immense amount of online traffic and ensure that the right buyer doesn’t overlook the right property simply because the photos don’t do it justice. The answer was rather obvious, virtual tours, not the slide shows of pictures that so many sales associates tout as virtual tours, actual interactive tours. To that end we have purchased the latest photographic equipment and can turn a property into a virtual space that anyone can explore from the comfort of their home. The cameras use infrared range finding, so they also create extremely accurate floor plans and, if the potential buyer has 3D goggles, a virtual reality walk through of the property. This is the closest we can get to actually having the buyer in property and falling in love with it, before they ever leave their couch. We believe that this technology will become mainstream and has the potential to completely change the home buying process, enabling out of town buyers to virtually tour the homes they are interested in and make informed decisions about purchasing before they ever arrive at your door. Check out the tours below and let us know what you think.


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Sea Chase (Flat)

Seaside Retreat